As many of you know Chloe – my 3rd child – recently turned 1 years old.  You’d think that after 3 kids I’d know what to buy my daughter!

The problem was that many toys I would normally buy… we already had them!  Knowing that Mastermind Toys has an excellent selection of quality toys and lots of age-appropriate gift ideas I went on their website and looked.  And looked.  And hemmed and hawed.

I was already a fan but was still amazed at the selection of suggestions for 1 year old girls.  I finally settled on the Radio Flyer Walker in hopes of regaining possession of the ottoman.  You should see this kid RUN with it – if she’d find the confidence to let go I’d be running after her 24/7!

Radio Flyer Walker

Mission Successful

My feet have once again found the comfort of the ottoman, and Chloe has been having a blast.  When she’s not pushing the walker around she’s pulling it by the rails and filling it up with her sisters’ toys – she may also be hiding food bits in there but that’s a whole other post.

This walker / wagon is fantastic.  We’ve had many such toys come through this household but this one is the by far the best.  It doesn’t sing when you walk within 100 ft of it nor does it require batteries.  It’s extremely sturdy but also designed not to ruin my furniture.  She can cart stuff around or – sigh – get silly with her sisters while they give each other rides in the darn thing.  Simple, classic, and good looking to boot.

Needless to say I’ve fallen in love with it.  best $119 I’ve spent on baby toys.  In the spirit of the #AngelesFavoriteThings holiday giveaway I asked the kind folks of Mastermind Toys if they’d give one to my readers… and they did!  Cause they’re awesome like that 🙂  Next time you’re stumped for a gift, you can be in and out of there in 15 minutes with a perfectly wrapped toy expertly chosen by a member of their staff.  Or go in and browse for a bit and have some fun.

Do you always know what to get your kids or do you scramble and search and rack your brain?  What are your best kid-gift-giving tips?  Let’s hear it!  Comment below for your chance to win a Radio Flyer Walker!

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