Thinking Out Loud - Is a kiss just a kiss?

It was late Saturday night (Sunday morning?) when I sobered up from too many Gin & Tonics and headed to home.  I turned on the radio, still reminiscing great conversations and much fun, when a new song starts playing.  The first few notes sounded promising so I blasted the volume as I took a drink of water.  Big mistake.

Cause the 3rd line of the song came blasting out of my speakers and make me choke on my water.

“Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love”

The visual this brought on was – um – interesting;  the kind of interesting that firmly ensconced me in the gutter.

Thinking Out Loud is a beautiful song by Ed Sheeran, an ode of sorts to his lover.  I laughed as I told Ann about this, until she said she always thought the line was about kissing, not blow jobs, and clearly I’m a bit of a pervert.

Take it how you want – it’s still a great song.  And with all the suggestive music out there if this was in fact about blow jobs it was done remarkably well – classy and sexy.

So tell me, what do you think?  A kiss?  or a “KISS”?  Leave your comments below after watching the video! 🙂