The Search AngelHave you ever picked up a book simply because the cover looked interesting?  The silky-soft laminate of the binding, the promising weight of word-laden sheets.

It calls to you.

You don’t know why – it’s not an author you’ve ever read before and the description doesn’t spark any real sense of curiosity.

You put it back and move on.

You’ve almost made it to the other aisle when you turn around, the sense of urgency overwhelming as you rush back to the book and snatch it up lest someone get there before you.  Never mind that there’s 20 copies on the shelf.  You hug the book to your chest, anticipation building, and a slow smile creeps up to your lips.

This book – that’s what it did to me.  And it didn’t disappoint.

A story of love lost and love found, a mother’s heart and a child’s desires.  Love and sorrow, humour and sadness…. It has it all.  I may not have hidden away in the bathroom but my kids watched a lot of TV that day.

I read it cover to cover in 1 day, holding with one hand while stirring up dinner in the other.  I let the kids watch TV while eating dinner so I could read (this never happens in my house).  I heard them playing ‘Super Jasmine & Super Annabelle’, flinging themselves off the bed in attempts to ‘fly’…. And for once I didn’t care.

I wanted to know what was going to happen next, to finish my chapter.  The chapter came to an end and I was left wanting more, so I kept reading.  And reading.  And reading some more.

At last, the bitter sweet moment when you reach the last word.  You turn the page, as if making sure it really is the end.

Sigh.  Brilliantly written.  You pause and imagine how all those lives are now changed, how they play out if the story continued… Cause the story never really ends even if the words on the page do.

Yet at once feeling content, as if the saga ended at the perfect moment.

The Search Angel by Tish Cohen.  I can’t tell you why you should or shouldn’t read it – that’s personal.  But I can tell you it is a beautifully written piece that will touch your heart.