NYE with kids: Bringing Sexy Back

I used to be the queen of NYE.  I always had plans.  They were always epic.  I celebrated in style.  Sometimes en grandeur, sometimes en tête-à-tête – clothing optional – but always in style.  Champagne, chocolate strawberries, a multitude of hors d’oeuvres that didn’t feature tostitos or pinwheel PB&J’s.

Great outfits, simple updos, and fancy underwear were a staple in my celebrations – as was great food, flowing wine, and chickie cocktails because why not.

Cost was never a factor.  I’m a New Year’s baby so the money I saved on birthday celebrations I used to splurge on my NYE plans.  Because who am I kidding?  Most people are usually too hungover to remember my birthday or too broke post-holidays to come celebrate with me.  Even if it wasn’t ‘my’ party, it was *MY* party and no tears were allowed.

In (out?) comes kids, Out goes the fancy underwear.

And, frankly, all semblance of party plans.  Ever since I had Jasmine 8 years ago I have spent the eve alone on the couch in PJ’s.  In the 6 years JF & I have ∗ celebrated ∗ together he’s been working or sick.  I’ve stopped making plans because even when I do, he gets called into to work (apparently someone needs to answer those pesky 911 calls).

This year, I had ALL the plans.  And…. true to tradition hubby’s schedule got switched.  Because you’re an awesome bunch – and I’m just nice like that – I’m sharing how I planned to bring sexy back to our NYE celebrations… even if it’s with kids.

3 tips for celebrating nye with kids

 Get in the mood with accessories

Not those kinds of accessories, you sick bastard – the jewelry kind.  I was shopping at Aldo and found this really cute headband that reads ‘Meet Me At Midnight’.  Can it get more suggestive?  Also great no matter your relationship status.  You’ll stand out in a sea of ‘2015’ and ‘Happy New Year’ glitter headbands.

For you non-parent people sometimes a great kiss is all the action you have time or energy for.  Those kisses help you remember that there’s still an grown-ass woman under all that extra baby skin.

Get cheeky with the menu

Toffee bars?  Nah-ah!  Sinful Threesomes.  Get the recipe HERE.  How about some beer cocktails?  F*Bombs & Mistletoe are sure to keep you both smirking.

Molson Mistletoe

While you’re having fun sipping your drinks – serve them in martini glasses for a fancy look – let the kids pretend they’re big people for a while with their own ‘cocktails’.  Milk flutes, complete with chocolate chip cookie sticks, and homemade sparkling apple cider.

NYE mocktails

Lie to your kids

By now you must have heard of Netflix’ new Dreamworks original series All Hail King Julien the wacky lemur from Madagascar.  

King Julien likes to party and get his shake on.  He’s famed for rocking out to ‘I like to move it-move-it’ and crazy pineapple hats.  For a lemur he sure spends a lot of time glaring at us through the screen with his come-hither look.

Maybe that’s why he wants to help you lie to your kids.  ‘Cause now the folks at #AllHailKingJulien have created a fake  3 minute NYE countdown that you can show the littles….. at whatever time you see fit!!!!  To watch the countdown, go here: http://nflx.it/kingcountdown

No more waiting for Time Squares to get with the program, no more fumbling for good YouTube footage of celebrations in Australia, and no more whiny kids who won’t sleep ’cause they’re wired!  Brilliant, right?  Maybe you won’t be able to fool the older kids but at least the wee ones will be squared away long before you pucker up.

Let them have their fun with noisemakers, streamers and New Year’s Eve glasses – then off to bed they go!

All Hail KIng Julien NYE Party Pack

 NYE with Kids – Can you still bring sexy back?

Well, like I mentioned you need 2 willing participants.  And sleeping kids.   But even if you can’t ring in the new year with a bang the sous-entendres are sure to keep you both on your toes and – at the very least – remember that you still like each other – because that’s always important!

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