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They’re all in the car looking at me through the windows as I check out of our pre-paid hotel room.  “Pretend this is complicated business – they’re watching!”  The poor boy doesn’t have a clue.  “I’m serious – you can’t me go back in there – please! don’t make me go back!”

“Traveling with the inlaws?”

“No!  My 3 kids.  My husband.  My mom.  You can’t make me go back there I won’t go!”

We have a few laughs while shuffling a few pieces of paper back and forth.  I refill my coffee mug.  I think I’m ready.  I can do this.  I can spend the next 6 hours in the car.  This is not a vacation.  Next time I’m running away alone;  I might consider taking J-F.  A cruise maybe?

Shit.  The wax hands.  I promised Jasmine she could have 2 souvenirs and 2 souvenirs only > A dolphin stuffie from Marineland and a wax hand that we’ve yet to do.

I kinda want one too.  I can see it now: A big huge poster with my logo and my hand ‘Need a hand?’… Don’t judge.

So we get 2 hands done – Jasmine has hers together in prayer-like form.  Mine’s standing up.

How long does it take to make 2 wax hands when you’re in a hurry and the crew keeps circling around?  About 40 minutes.  But they’re so cool they were worth every penny.

 And the trip?  Worth every penny.  It wasn’t easy.  It was complicated and messy and normal.  Normal…. Mission accomplished!

Will I do it again?  Probably.  Anytime soon?  Probably not.

As I crawl into my bed with fresh sheets I’m so glad I thought to wash them just before we left.  J-F is snoring, the kids are konked out in their beds, the baby is nursing… Tomorrow, we get back to our routine.

This week?  This week was absolutely amazing. 

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