Keeping it real with the Surpahs digital bathroom scale and body fat monitor

Yeah, I said it.  Body.  Fat.  Monitor. 

In the last few years I’ve relied on my own body fat monitor.  I call it a mirror.  There’s no mistaking the dimples on my behind and the wrinkles where my abs used to sit.

I’ve had 3 kids, and lost ALL the baby weight within 8 weeks for each of them – without trying, really.  There are some advantages to Hyperemesis Gravidarum –  A non-glamorous pregnancy one may have, but it’s pretty hard to gain non-baby weight when you can’t keep anything down for 9 months! 

The only thing is, with the last 2 I gained it ALL back (and then some!) AFTER losing the weight.  You can’t really call it baby weight at that point….  After many attempts to normalize my weight my doctor & I discovered that a change in medication is the most likely culprit.  We’ve switched things up and I can feel myself getting smaller – 1/16 of an inch at a time! 


Knowing that I was on my way back down I didn’t hesitate at the chance to review the Surpahs Digital Bathroom Scale and Body Fat Monitor.  I like numbers and this seemed a good way to geek out my weight loss journey.

After putting in our profiles (age, height, gender, athlete or not) we each stepped up on the scale to see what’s what; it almost felt like the Biggest Loser without the crowd, and the trainers, and the cameras, and the…. Ok.  It was nothing like Biggest Loser – except for the wait.   At least I wasn’t hanging precariously off the edge of the scale – with a weight capacity of 400 lbs its built solid!

Surpahs Digital Scale & Body Fat MonitorThe results were in and I’d  lost a total of 10 lbs in four weeks!  Yeehaaw!  A few seconds later the scale showed my body fat percentage (not BMI, but actual percentage of our body that is made of fat), muscle and water percentage, and bone mass (weight). The numbers didn’t shock me…. but they didn’t necessarily please me either!

1 week later I jumped back up on the scale.  I’d been good all week:  I exercised, ate well, minimized evening snacks….. all of this and its been crazy hot outside!  So I peer down, almost afraid to look, and BOOM!  I lostshit, I gained – 1/2 lbs.  

“Common Baby, give me my numbers!” It’s like that moment when you’re playing the slots and there’s just the last reel left to stop and you’re just missing 1 genie lamp to launch the feature.  Aaaannnnd….. Body Fat %: no change!  Water percentage, however, did creep up.  Everything else was the same as last week.

I’m not happy – It’s definitely not the number I wanted to see on the scale – but I am encouraged.  I never drink pop and had 2 sodas in the last day or so – my rings were tight and I felt a little bloated.  Knowing that the gain really was water retention, and not an increase of blubber, made me feel better about what I was seeing on the scale.  We tell ourselves these things all the time, ‘it’s just water weight’, but we never really know, do we?  Until now.

Bottom line, I’m glad I got the Surpahs digital bathroom scale – it’s a great buy!  You can add up to 8 profiles (the kids had fun weighing themselves!) which is awesome for large families.  Nothing like having to draw straws as to who gets left out!  The science – or bio-metrics if you will – behind it?  Check out their website for more detailed info.  It’s worth every penny… even better if you get it on sale 😉