I'm so the boss of youKathy Buckworth has a new book out, and I was anxious to read it.  I’m So the Boss of You sounded like something I would say and it didn’t disappoint.

Kathy cleverly compares running our households to big corporate gigs and being a domestic manager (as I like to tell people) this resonated with me.

I learned that I was doing a lot of the right things but that I’m also not perfect. I learned that though I may agree with most of the principles I have a few differing opinions… and that’s ok too.

I laughed.

I learned that we all have our priorities and what matters to me won’t matter to you etc. I learned that I don’t need to justify my priorities to anyone but myself.

I laughed some more.

What follows are a few notes I wrote down while reading:

On dressing the family

I’ve broken some rules.  For example,  I wear pajama pants and sandals to the bus stop in the mornings.  It’s 6 doors down, I’m up all night either working or nursing the baby and need those extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning.  I get dressed after the bus run.   My kids, however, are not allowed to leave the house in their pj’s.

On precious items

Kathy suggests you rent storage space for your antiques and such but not to include your old Aunt Dorothy.  [cue coffee spewing out of my nose I laughed so hard]

On interior design

On blue vintage toothpaste gel: someone invented blue ‘pre-wash’ mouth liquid so your kids will see if they’ve cleaned their teeth properly.  I may not have blue toothpaste designs, but I do have blue stains all over my upstairs bathroom (and possibly hallway…) as my daughter plays with the stuff when we’re not looking.  Sigh.

On delegating

I’m bad at this.  Often-times I’ve done things myself cause it’s quicker, and better, and then I bitch and complain that I never get a moment to myself.  I’m now making a more conscious effort to involve the whole family.  I’ve even stopped preparing baby bottles and changing all the kids’ diapers before leaving them with my husband and actually left the house on time every day last week!  Bonus, no one suffered for it 🙂

On ‘Dad Projects’

I’m so glad we agree on this one!  I do this all the time…

On business Trips

I’ve learned that everything bad that happens in my house is because I went on a trip, and everything good is in spite of it.  It’s comforting to know I’m not the only mom with this affliction.

I loved the book, and enjoyed meeting up with her again at #bossott.  Wine, convo, laughter… Her book is available in retail outlets as well as on amazon.  Pick it up, download it, read it, and watch your ‘home business’ thrive!