Don’t Lick The Minivan.  That sounds like something I would say, only Leanne Shirtliffe got to it before I did.

A great memoir of all things parenting.  Funny, real, and oh-so-relatable.

From giving birth in Bangkok, twins,  toddler shenanigans and Stripper Barbie’s funeral this book has it all.  You might even start thinking your crazy family is actually normal…  Or not, depending how much wine you’ve sipped while hiding out in the bathroom pretending to take the worlds largest crap just so you can read uninterrupted.

Yeah.  It’s that good!

After 2 hours of hiding out my husband got suspicious and my kids started banging on the door so I did what any self-respecting mother would do:  I ripped off the last of the toilet paper, flushed 4 times and got out.

“Hey Mom!  How’d you manage to make it not stink?!”

Shit.  No pun intended.

“Cause mommies are so sweet our poo smells like flowers and rainbows” #shitIneverthoughtIwouldsay

“That’s not what daddy says…” Well.  Daddy can take his comments and shove it.  At least the book was good 😉

Seriously.  Fill your favorite mug with coffee (or wine…), grab yourself a copy of Leanne’s book, and feign a flu bug of some sort.  Just try to remember to get out before they flood the kitchen or something.

don't lick the minivan book cover