I was listening to Victoria Sopik, founder & CEO of Kids&Co, speak today and my hat really does go off to her.  This woman has  –  count’em – 8 KIDS!  AND she runs a successful business.  Wow, right?

Her talk – Eight is great and other lies stories inspired me to have more kids never give up the meds.  She told us she’d share the best kept secret to save any marriage and my first thought was PROZAC!  Apparently its treating your spouse like your best friend – which trust me, without the power of pharmaceuticals I would NOT be able to do! 

So I’m a Prozac Mom

Sue me.  (well, not prozac, really, but an equally-just-as-awesome anti-anxiety medication that keeps my husband me sane).  Without it I fall somewhere between Super-Bitch and Witchy-Wife (and sometimes a lethal dose of both) with varying decree of nastiness.  I become the most annoyingly bitchy person I know – and I REALLY don’t like her!  Only trouble is… I can’t get away from HER!  On a good day I’m asking everyone to shut up and get out of my way.

Perky? Shmerky!

Its time for mental illness to strip down and show us her stretch marks.  Mental Illness is each and every one of us.  From PMS-y to slightly post-partum, to flat-out I-refuse-to-get-out-of-my-bed-and-brush-my-teeth depressed > Under those perky wonderbread mounds, the pasty white smile, and the perfectly coiffed ‘do lies the truth: Get her naked and she’s just as ugly, wrinkly and dimply as the rest of us!

Covered is the new naked!

The thing is though… She’s just as gorgeous as all of us, even without her clothes on (but we’re certainly more comfortable when she puts on some clothes!).  Meds are to (my) sanity what pants are to cellulite.  Throwing on a pair of slacks doesn’t mean I love the dimples any less –  I just prefer them to be covered (and frankly, you probably do as well!)

Fail Not, Ms Witch-A-Lot!

Mental Illness is not a failure – and proper treatment (be it therapy, pharmaceuticals or a balance of both) saves lives and marriages alike.  Stretch marks, like depression, are not evil and having them doesn’t make us any less perfect.

Now enough of this bitching – I have a broom to go fly!