Diana Gabaldon and The Outlander Series at Indigo Green Room

After much anticipation Diana Gabaldon – author of the Outlander series – was at the Indigo’s Green Room event at Chapter’s Rideau.

Despite showing up early most seats were already taken and it was standing room only.  Close to 700 women (and some men) showed up to meet her and she did not disappoint.

First – she’s funny as all hell.  Not that this comes as much of a surprise, but I’ve met authors who’s books I truly enjoyed but their personalities fell a little flat.  This woman is ALL personality and frankly if I look half as good as she does when I’m 62 I’ll consider it nothing short of a small miracle.

A seasoned professor – you can tell by the way she repeats the question to her audience before answering it – her gift of gab was a delight to witness.  She opened with a story from an anatomy course she once taught, breaking the funny ice with a poem on the history of contraception.  This was quickly followed by many other funny anecdotes from her life and the making of the Outlander series.  “Writing is the 2nd oldest profession, she says, the only difference is you can do it to more people at once!”

Why a Scotsman?  

As she once told a reporter after a long week of back-to-back media interviews, a man in a kilt can get you up against a wall much quicker!  I can’t say I disagree #Idolikeamaninakilt

It seems a Doctor Who episode followed by images that wouldn’t leave her head inspired the man we now know as Jamie.  I know you’ve imagined yourself Claire as he took her against the wall, “punished” her for almost getting them killed, or the many times he turned to her in his sleep with a cockstand (her words, not mine – read the books).

Instead of spoiling the new book for us Diana charmed us with her wit and outlook on life.  I just want to take a small piece of her and carry it in my pocket.

Wait!  Have you met #PocketJamie?  I got to take him home with me!  J-F refused to nooky with Pocket Jamie in our bed though – says he’s not having a threesome with another man no matter how plastic and flat he is.

Outlander (the TV series) will air Sunday nights at 10 PM on SHOWCASE beginning August 24th (Starz in the US).  In an interview with Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy Diana says the show won’t shy away from spanking.  #HAPPYDANCE

Sam Heughan, a.k.a. Jamie Fraser.  Hunka-Hunka

Sam Heughan, a.k.a. Jamie Fraser. Hunka-Hunka

Stay tuned later this summer for an interview with Diana Gabaldon – Meanwhile, enjoy the book and hunky Jamie 😉