I blogged last week about my family’s up-coming trip to Niagara Falls and tweeted my excitement.  I hoped that sharing my story would inspire other families with difficult logistical issues to embrace vacations and anything else they want to do.

I may have also hoped to elicit a few laughs – hey, it’s what I do!

I got all that and more when my twitter stream exploded.

Marineland?  How dare I take my children there!

Several activists sent me links to stories and videos about their cause.  I clicked, I read, and responded politely.  I respect their opinions, and I think its great that people take a stand for issues that are near and dear to their heart.  Most stopped there.  A few sent me a few more links in hopes of persuading me to not take my kids there.

And then there was one

The poopoo hit the fan blades.  He started with some harmless heckling about my morals and my parenting.  But he would.  not.  stop.  This went on for days and I was at a loss for words.  I had by then resorted to blocking the user but that didn’t change the fact that he went on and on.

I’m at a point in my life where I honestly don’t give a rat’s behind what anyone else thinks of me – but I do care what I think of ME.

I spent too many years of my life afraid to be me for fear that no one would like me.  Consequently I came across as trying too hard and never did fit in – I wasn’t the popular choice in high school or even college!  I know I’m weird and quirky and loud and outspoken;  I know this and yet I make a choice to stand tall (ish – I’m 5’2″) and rock out the awesomeness that is me, every day.

Except this one day this man’s words made me feel small.  How dare he?  How dare I let him get to me like that?

Advocating is a powerful tool, but there’s a fine line between advocating and bullying.  I’m all for advocating – the later, no so much.

Need I say more?