I've Been Busy

working on some amazing projects

Sometimes one needs – and deserves – and a time out.  After I published my thoughts on the Great Cheeto I put myself on a media time out to preserve my sanity.

Life… Chaos?

Following my self-imposed media blackout my parents moved out, going into accessible and affordable housing.  I have found a nice home for the kids & I as there is no need for 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  I’m looking forward to sharing my no-fail moving process.  It’s sure to become a comical process with the the little ones off school for the summer!

New Ventures

After years of offering experience design and web development services the marketing company finally has its home on the interwebs!  Check out Impact XD – http://impactxd.com – to see what I’ve been up to.

Stories & Travels & Funnies

I have several posts in the works.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve had all the time in the world to write but fear not, funnies are on their way 🙂

Here’s a sampling of what’s coming up:

Adventure in Las Vegas

I flew with Sky Combat Ace and the video of me flying a plane upside down is almost done! 

What NOT to wear – Online Dating Version

If your profile picture looks like a serial killer’s mugshot or you appear to be in what can only be your mother’s bed (based on the very old, very flowery, sheets and comforter you’re displaying) you’re doing it wrong.  I’ll be sharing the Do’s & Don’ts of profile pics and a few memorable profiles I’ve come across.

Key West & Visit Florida

I went back to Key West this month and can’t wait to tell you all about it.  Jam-packed full of adventure – road-tripping from Fort Lauderdale, adventures in overnight travels, and 27 miles of jetski in choppy waters.  

Traveling on a Budget

Spoiler alert – don’t try it.  Seriously.  Anything and everything that could go wrong will.  Shit will happen, every time.  At least… it does to me every time I try to save money on travels.  I’ll be regaling you with tales of oh-shits along with tips that actually work. 


BlogHer was – as usual – amazing.  We’ll talk sponsors, sessions, and I have amazing pictures of most keynotes – so if you graced the main stage stay tuned for those shots!

NYC & CE Show

The geek inside me is squealing like a kid on Christmas morning.  I will be participating in the VIP media tour at the Consumer Electronics Show and will be sharing all the great (read: geeky af) stuff on display.

There’s even more!!!

That’s what happens you get backed up due to life.  You can sign up to get notifications right in your inbox.  You can always google-stalk me on Instagram and Facebook.  There’s great conversations happening over there so come join us!