Care Bears & Cousins are Coming to Netflix

I can’t look at a Care Bears doll without getting that warm and fuzzy back-to-my-childhood feeling.  My Care Bear and I had many late-night conversations, along with my cabbage patch and my blue doll.

Saturday mornings meant Bugs Bunny and Care Bears on TV;  is just me or did Beastly and the girl look way scarier in the 80’s?  Today’s Care Bears are much more fun for the littles.  No more scary castle with trembling thunderstorms when a bratty girl doesn’t get what she wants.  My kids?  They love it.

As a Share-Your-Care ambassador and a Netflix #StreamTeam member I’m proud to say that Care Bears and Cousins – a new Netflix Original – is coming to Netflix on Friday November 6th.

To celebrate @BlogginMamas & @CareBearsFriend are hosting the #CBCousins premiere party on Twitter on November 6th at 9PM EST.  Of course, there will be prizes along with some sharing and caring.

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So what are you waiting for?  RSVP today and join the best viewing party in town!

Join @carebearsfriend & @blogginmamas for the #CBCousins Twitter Party 11/06 @ 9p ET RSVP Click To Tweet