I love helping business owners – specially women – take control of their finances keep more of their money in their pockets instead of CRA’s.  I especially love it when a dynamic bunch of women ask me to travel out of town to share my knowledge.  So when I was asked by an Epicure leader in Montreal to visit on a Saturday morning I readily agreed.

It was early, it was cold, I hadn’t had much sleep.  However, I was pumped and ready to go.  I was doing great on time as I got into Montreal but I still had to cross the city and come out alive on the other end.  I’ve driven there before and with my trusty GPS this is a no-brainer.

Blind leading the blind

Except when you run out of windshield washer.  On the highway.  2 minutes after the warning light comes on.  Since I can no longer see out my windows I keep missing the gas stations.  I stop on the side of the road to rub snow on my windows 4 or 5 times before I manage to get to a gas station and purchase some washer fluid.  The angels above sang and I was only 20 minutes late.

Driving back after a stellar talk I’m once again feeling confident crossing downtown Montreal until some idiot car beside me starts beeping at me.  I know I have Ontario plates but come on people!  Then I realize that he’s not flipping me off, he’s pointing to my tires.

The flat lady

I manage to get off the highway and into a parking lot with minimal amount of cursing.  I’m guessing by now that one of my tires on the driver side must be quite low, but really the roads were so bad and bumpy I hadn’t noticed anything different.  My back tire is completely flat and the spare on our new van is UNDER the car.  I guess that was in an attempt to keep the van looking as sexy as possible (cause we all know the momobile is one sexy gal! <snort>).

<h32style=”text-align: left;”>Thank goodness for road-side assistance

I call the toll-free road side assistance.  They ask me where I am…. HA!  Funny them 😉  Between my zooming in on the GPS map and the very nice lady on the phone we manage to figure out where I am, and she sends help my way.  By the time the tow truck showed up to change my flat I’m in need of a strong coffee.  He asks me to drive up a few feet and then get out of the car.  That’s when I realize I’m in the parking lot of a shopping center.  A shopping center with a Canadian Tire at the other end of it.

I drive over on the off chance it’s still open and they actually have time for this – it is, after all, 4h45.  They do have time, they will check it, but I might have to wait.  I enter the – ahem – lounge and join 5 other patrons who are also waiting for a flat tire to be fixed.  What is wrong with this stretch of highway???

So finally my morning excursion was a full day affair.  I got home at 7h30 and was asleep within the hour.  I just hope my next trip out of town isn’t as exciting!