Yvette Corporon Finds Her Story

I refuse to give in to the notion that celebrities, public figures, and powerful influencers are somehow above us.  That their notoriety is cause for worship, that our demeanor when interacting with them should be ‘appropriate’ and guarded – I just don’t buy into that.

My disregard of this social convention – disconcerting to some – stems not from a lack of respect.  Au contraire, regardless of where one falls in the social hierarchy we’re all made of the same stuff.  There’s a person – a human, a life, a story – behind the public persona and that’s who I’m talking to.

Everyone has a story.  That person behind the title? They were once a baby with through-and-through diaper emergencies.  They were toddlers who begged for just 5 more minutes at the park, one more turn on the slide.  They have a family, a history.  And, believe it or not… everyone wipes their own bum after going to the washroom – even the Queen.

I’ve met some incredible people, had amazing conversations.  Authors, actors, high-level executives.  I don’t care if others see you as a waiter, a CEO, or the golden ticket to the mouse ears.  When we talk, I see you.

Karmic Joke

Then life hands you the opportunity to interview an Emmy award-winning writer, producer, and author and you end up sounding like a babbling idiot – not unlike the 15 year old version of you asking a boy for his number. 

Like that time – a few short hours ago – I interviewed Yvette Corporon, author of When The Cypress Whispers and senior producer at EXTRA.

This incredible woman has interviewed just about everyone and covered the biggest stories in news and entertainment, and now I’m interviewing her.  I was prepared, I was ready… I was star-struck.  Look, it happens to everyone, ok?  It’s still a great interview, but please don’t mind the high-pitch, over-excited, my-vocabulary-has-no-synonym-for-awesome-and-amazing, voice of the interviewer.

Finding Your Story

Yvette shared insights on her new book, a story inspired by her own family and their history on a magical Greek island.  In a time of war and fear Yvette’s Yia-Yia and the people of Erikousa risked their lives to help shelter and save a Jewish family escaping the Nazis.

It’s a powerful story, one I’m excited to read.  Even more interesting, though, is what happens next.

In researching this book Ms. Corporon looked up the man her Yia-Yia helped save.  With the help of MyHeritage.com she found his family and within hours was communicating with them.

I got lost in my own history on MyHeritage.com while writing this piece.  I was able to accomplish so much in the 5 hours I spent there before I decided to upgrade to a paid account.  All I had were my grandparents’ names and even if there are many more branches to fill, I think it’s great progress for a first session.

Family Tree - Angele Lafond

You are the product of an epic story.  You may find royalty and celebrities, you may find dragons and skeletons.  But your story it is.  Have fun, do some research, and to give you a nudge in the right direction you can save 30% at MyHeritage.com with the coupon code CYPRESSWHISPERS.

And if you haven’t already, scroll back up and check out my interview with Yvette Corporon, a moment that will surely become part of my story. 🙂