YouTube, The Museum, & Galapagos

“too-do-too, too-do-too, tadadada-da-da… tou-do-too, too-do-too…. tadadada-da-da. I’m an Igua-aaaa-na!  Down in Galapagos.  I’m an Igua-aaaa-na!  Seaweed.  I li-ike the most!”

This awesome children’s song is controlling the audio reel in my head and my child’s lunch is to blame.

The Angele Factor

That’s what J-F calls it.  Me?  I prefer Murphy’s Law.

It was one of those mornings where you haven’t done groceries in days and you’re left with carrot sticks and apple sauce for school lunches.  Because you’re clearly winning at this parenting thing you promise you’ll drop off a proper lunch before the field trip to the museum.

Except… the bus left 15 minutes earlier than you thought and you miss it by 5 minutes.

Shit.  Crap on a pogo stick.  I don’t have much of a choice, so I hop on the Queensway and head to the museum.   I sweet-talk my way inafter all, I’m only dropping off a sandwich and a muffin – and catch up with her classroom.

I must have spent close to an hour there – oops – but I’m in a terrific mood and on my way out I stop at the information desk to thank the gentleman who helped me locate the kids – not an easy feat for a building of over 1 million square feet.

And that’s when I see it.  Right there behind him.

IMAX Galapagos 3D…. Galapagos!  Oh my god, the iguana song!  And…. Ta-da!  The audio reel is born.


Now we have to go see the IMAX movie because Galapagos.  And seaweed.  And iguanas on YouTube.