Too Young for Old Lady Lips

Feathering.  Bleeding.

Words that were never part of my vernacular.  I’ve always had big, full lips like my twin Angelina and never worried about such things as lipstick going awry.

Until today.

Today, I left the house a confident, young, professional woman and mom.  My hair rocked, my rolls cooperated, and my lips looked FAN.TA.BU.LOUS.  I hopped in the car, energized and ready for anything.

If only I hadn’t checked the mirror.  A seemingly innocuous task, yet it revealed secrets I thought would remain hidden for years.

My face has aged.

Stress, postpartum depression, child bearing – and rearing – have all taken a toll on my youth and today the proof stares back at me.

Holy shit balls.  I have old lady lips.

I’m too young for this shit.  Too young to be in the sandwich generation – yet I live it everyday.  Too young to be old.

Most days I manage to dig deep and forget.  But – Mirror Mirror, on the wall. Why today this aged version of me?

Today?  Today I feel the weight of my not-so-many-years… And that’s ok.  But I’m still too young to have old lady lips.