Surviving Halloween and You're Invited!

It’s October! That means my kids are singing joyful songs of smelly feet and ginormous candy; by the time we head out to mingle with the spooks I’ll be more than ready to move on to Christmas music.

School costumes.  Going out costumes.  Boxes of candy that disappear weeks before the grand event.  School dances, hyper kids, stressed adults and OH MY GOD make it stop.

So as per tradition this year we’re going out in style.

That means we’re taking the stroller (or wagon, or both…) for candy stashing and cranky-child carrying.  The lot of us congregate at our house and head out for hours of walking.  The kids and their cousins have a blast while the parents and grandparents make inappropriate jokes all evening.

With ratios of at least 2:1 adult per kid we’ve got this.  It’s usually cold because Canada and year after year we come prepared with a thermos of hot chocolate for the little kids and several travel mugs of wine for the big kids.

You heard me.  Wine.

Because it warms you up from the inside.  Because by the time we come back home we’ve reached a happy place called “I don’t give a rat’s ass how you want to organize your candy”.  No longer giving a #$%@ makes dealing with hyper kids that much more enjoyable bearable.

Brilliant, right?  I might just have to post this one in life hacks!

To up the class factor a bit we’ve recently moved to an upper-middle-class neighborhood.  That means better candy for us the kids.  I can still drink my cheap $10 wine right?  Right?!?

So today I’ve sent out some invitations to our usual spook crew.  I’ve been a fan of Percyvites since they first came out but never had the opportunity to try them.  Mostly cause I can be very disorganized with these things.  As I’m writing this post, 6 days before thanksgiving, I’ve yet to invite everyone in the family from lack of time / organization.  But…. I’ll be on the ball for Halloween!

The Percyvites platform was so easy to use it took me 5 minutes start to finish…. after I’d selected a design.  Kids designs (sorry Caillou, not today!), adult designs, sports, chichi Paris inspired…. I finally went with the dinner party invite.

I plugged in the date, my address, a short message (shorter than twitter!), and uploaded an image.  I entered everyone’s email addresses. Boom.  I’m done.  Just like that.

I liked that you can always add on to your guest list, and that your party dashboard allows you to manage replies and such.  I loved the straight-forward approach and the ability to send both invites and thank you notes.

I wish I could have included a longer message – 60 characters goes quick – but I will definitely be ordering again.

I’ll be hosting a BrightStarts play date in November and now that we are FINALLY – 4 years later – in a home that fits our family I’m looking forward to entertaining more than once a decade.  From family affairs and kids’ birthdays to #kickass girls’ night in I look forward to sending out many more cute invites because how much fun is this!?!

Have you tried Percyvites before?  Which design would you choose?  For which event?  Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

ps – I’m fully aware that my street address appears briefly on that invite, but I really wanted you to see the finished product.  If you show up on the 31st unexpectedly…. bring your own wine ;).