When I was in Chicago this summer I had the chance to tour the Wilton’s facilities and their new test kitchen.  Can you say heaven?  You could smell the buttercream as you opened the doors!

I LOVE cake decorating and was super excited to try out their newest product line – the Wilton’s Shape-N-Amaze 3D modeling tools.   Using their decorating dough, sizing tray and modeling tool set I had fashioned an owl in a matter of minutes.  And it looked good!

3D Owl

I was doubtful that I would be just as successful on my own, but nonetheless I bought all my supplies and tried my hand at a pink elephant for a baby shower – The results were amazing. Even if I hadn’t bought the 8-piece tool set it would still have been easy: the tutorials include substitutes like butter knives, toothpicks, etc!

Barrel Cake with Elephant Topper

Barrel Cake

This barrel cake is so easy to make!  Assemble 2 9-inch round layers of your favorite cake (I use cake mixes, they are always moist!) and cover with frosting.  Surround the cake with 32 Kit-Kat sticks (the frosting acts as glue) and top with the 3D shape of your choice.  I added sprinkles and flowers made out of dried pineapple slices.

Tie a ribbon around your cake and Voila!  Your masterpiece is done.

Win it!

I love this new line so much I got into cahoots with the folks at Wilton’s and we’re giving away a Measure-N-Shape Sizing Tray and an assortment of Shape-N-Amaze Edible Decorating Dough to 1 lucky reader!  Check out these awesome tutorials – which 3D shape is your favorite?  Which would you like to make?

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