Will you be #LifeReady when it hits the fan?

Life is messy.  Families are messy.  Money is messy.

We all wish we could confidently say ‘we’ve got this’ but lets be honest, most of us can’t.  Not 100% anyways.  We may feel #LifeReady in most areas but there’s always that one thing we know we should doand haven’t gotten around to yet.

We may feel #LifeReady in most areas but there's always that one thing we know we should do... Click To Tweet

Cause there’s plenty of time right?  right?!?  Crap on stick.

So maybe we take a step back to focus on our future.  What do you see?  School, marriage, kids, travels, death, illness, aging… One day it will happen and its easier knowing you have financial systems in place that any one of these events won’t cripple you.

My mom woke up one morning just over 4 years ago and couldn’t walk.  At all.  Within a year Mom was confined to her bedroom; my step-dad stopped working to take care of her.  She was hopped up on all kinds of meds, some necessary, some likely not, and her condition got worse.  She was depressed.  She was lonely.  She called herself Rapunzel because she was stuck in the bedroom – She couldn’t walk down the stairs, her husband had shoulder surgery, and he was unable to carry her downstairs.

Her old, tiny home was not made to be accessible.  Doorways were narrow, staircases were narrow, and going outside was nearly impossible.

It broke my heart to see her like this, and newborn baby in arms I arranged to get her an occupational therapist.  I paid for physiotherapy.  The OT helped her get a custom wheelchair through government programs, I bought her some mobility aids, and I stayed cheery.  Eventually, she was able to maneuver.

All those nights driving over to Mom’s to help them out.  Making sure appointments were scheduled.  Food in the fridge.  Were her prescriptions filled?  Did the floors need vacuuming?

A year ago Mom walked a few shaky steps.  She’s much better but though she still relies on her wheelchair to get around she can stand.  She can walk around in the kitchen, bake like she loves to, heck – even getting out of her chair to go sit on the couch!  Can you imaging 4 years without sitting in anything other than a wheelchair? Her progress warms our hearts daily.

We moved in August they came with us.  An apartment was created downstairs, her mental health improved.

Every day I see a bit more of the woman she used to be before this.  Every day I lose just a little bit more of the woman she is today.  Early onset dementia is the newest ‘thing’ we’re dealing with.  It’s certainly not severe, but her short term memory loss has declined tremendously in the past 6 months.

Today I take care of what needs taking care of.  I also focus on the future.  Her needs will increase over time.  I still have 3 amazing girls who need my love and attention, and a husband who’d like his wife to not be stressed around the clock.

Planning and looking forward to trips and conferences with my friend Ann helps ground me.  It gives me something to look forward to, something to get excited about.

I plan out the airmiles I’ll need for flights and car rentals, make strategic parternships with companies that can help us along the way, and break down the budget to the max.  I know what needs to be paid when, how much money I’ll need, when I’ll need it, and how I can save and still have a #kickassroadtrip.

Because these trips help keep me sane.  And I * need * to be sane.  And being #LifeReady is how I can keep travelling a few times a year.

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