There comes a time in everyone woman’s journey where you begin to realize that hormonal changes, mood swings, weight gain and irregular periods are approaching at the speed of light.

You know it’s inevitable; you’ve seen the research and have read countless articles on how to deal with the mood swings and changing sleep patterns.  You know the hormones will start changing far before more obvious physical changes start to manifest and that day may come sooner than you think.

You think you’re dealing just fine until reality smacks you across the face: You just bought your daughter her first training bra.

Well… her first cropped, elasticized, tank top with adjustable straps.

Olympic Training?

training braAfter yet another growth spurt I took Jasmine shopping.  Has anyone else noticed that girls’ clothing is emulating Hollywood just a little too much?  The skirts are short, the tops are low cut or cropped, and everything comes in ‘skinny’ or ‘super-skinny’.

In an attempt to instill a modicum of modesty in my growing child I’ve asked her to wear tank tops under the more revealing tops and sun dresses… except she’s now in a size 7/8.  That means that tank tops now have a shelf bra in the front.


You heard me: Size 7/8 tank tops at the Children’s Place have a shelf bra.  Cause girls that age REALLY need that right? Anticipating a daily struggle I get her to try it on and my suspicions are confirmed: it’s uncomfortable.

There is, however, a little section of ‘training bras’ alongside the cute underwear and Hello Kitty socks.  Size 14… Size 12… Size 10… Hey!  There’s a size 7/8!

And that’s when I see it:  There’s also a 5/6, a 4, and a 2/3.  A 2/3???? We found one that fit, and she loves it.  I think it’s just because it makes her feel grown up, but at least she’s wearing it under those tops with the extra wide arms.

And dinner comes along

At dinnertime, my beanpole daughter quizzically stares at my rather large chest and asks:  “Mom, when I’m a teenager…. Will I look like THAT?”

“You mean… Big?” I reply, trying very hard not to laugh.  A few shades of red later she rephrases her question: “Um…. Like, More Adult-like?”

Me-thinks the child is afraid of donning a pair of mammoth-sized boobies.

When did your girls start asking about ‘those kinds of things’?