This year, Walgreen’s was at BlogHer’13 in Chicago  giving away some awesome pharmaceuticals.  Cold medicine, antacids, fever reducers, pain relievers, you name it – it was in that bag!  They also had a photo booth where you could put yourself into different backgrounds.  Almost like  a NYC New Year’s Eve ball maybe?  My curiosity was piqued.

I approached the guy behind the desk, assuming he was probably a rep from their PR agency.

‘Do you want a to put yourself in a really cool background?’

‘Yes… but…. Do you have the Time Square New Year’s Eve ball on there?’

‘Sorry – just a few jungle and other wildlife scenes – why?’

Bummer.  A tiny glimmer of hope dimmed.  I told him the story of  my Time Square Saga which ended with a post titled Walgreen’s killed my NYC dreams. I made a joke about pissed off pregnant women, and mentioned it was really too bad they didn’t the Time Square backgrounds.

And that’s when I find out.  NOT a rep.  In fact, WAY MORE than ‘just a rep. We’re talking Head Honcho of Walgreen’s social media team.


What he did next floored me – I half worried he would snatch up my swag for being a public hater – he asked for my email.

He contacted the Time Square’s photo department, and though not a guarantee I could probably still get my coveted photograph.  He would follow up, I’d have to send in a high-res image of myself by email, but he’d do his best to get me my picture.  At his cost – shipping and all.

The following week he put me in touch with the team.  I received my package today, and I’m beyond ecstatic!

Here’s the thing: he didn’t have to do it.  He could have just shrugged it off.  I’m just one of possibly hundreds of million people who visit Walgreen’s each year.  But he didn’t.  He wanted to make it right, to give me the experience I had missed out on.

To Z. @Walgreen’s…. Thank you.  You have no idea what this meant to me (you can check out the original post HERE for the whole story).

Last year, New York took a bite out of me.  And today Chicago gave it back!