vars ultramarConsidering we live in Canada, it would be silly for me to leave the house between the months of August and June without first checking the weather channel for signs of a blizzard or frostbite-inducing wind-chill. Right?  Right?!?

It’s late – 10:30 pm – and the kids and I are leaving my mom’s to go bring the car to JF on his lunch break.  I’m armed with my big parka, big boots, and a pair of magic gloves that aren’t so magic.

Oh, and a gas light that JUST turned on.

OF COURSE I didn’t gas up on my way over when it was mild out, and OF COURSE the full serve gas station is closed.  Is it too early to start teaching the kids how to pump gas?  I manage to avoid frostbite at the pump and run inside the service station to pay for my precious few frozen litres of gas.  Knowing JF was tired when he left for work I pick up an energy drink and head to the cash.

‘You’re not a typical soccer mom, eh?’ says the annoying middle-aged man behind the counter.

Soccer mom?  “Probably ’cause my kids don’t play soccer”  I quip back, wondering if he’s assuming I have kids because of the van or because I look old… or both?

“Maybe, but soccer-moms also don’t buy energy drinks in the middle of the night!”

Wow.  Now I have to justify JF’s ‘I’m not addicted to caffeine but please bring me an energy drink’ caffeine addiction to gas station attendant?

I may be slightly annoyed at his assumptions and pull the ‘Not mine, hubby’s.  Apparently staying awake to answer 9-1-1 calls is kind of important’ card.

Maybe next time he’ll shut up before judging someone’s purchases.  Or before calling someone a soccer mom.