Tinder vs POF

i'm laughing too


I’ll pause a moment while you laugh all the laughs.  Because that’s what I did.

Except my friend appears to have found happiness from swiping and she’s even more seasoned than sweet cheeks over here.

It took some convincing and much Tanqueray but I decided what the heck, worth a few laughs right?

Here I am, weeks later, sitting at the very bar my tindering adventures started.

POF vs Tinder

I’m no stranger to online dating, having been a fan of Plenty of Fish and its price point in the past.  Being able to narrow a search down to a few km away helps cause I have no time to be traipsing around the city meeting men.

It’s great.  You see someone you like, you send a message….. and you wait.  And wait.  And hope that perhaps, maybe, one day, someone will have the grace to reply.

You wait. And wait. And hope that perhaps, maybe, one day, someone will say hi #dating #POF Click To Tweet

It worked, sort of.  I’ve met all of 1 person from POF that went beyond the 1st date, always a win in my books.  The strapping (accomplished, witty, responsible, and hot AF) fella & I have been on several dates in the last few months and we always have fun.

It’s nice when you can hang out with someone who gets you, and * really * gets you <wink, wink>, and you don’t have to worry about what it means.  You enjoy each other when you’re together, whatever it means in the moment.  Bonus, he thinks I’m hilarious which is always sexy in my books.

Tinder?  Lots (and lots) of swiping left.  For you non tind-experts that means ‘helllll NO‘.  Unlike POF someone can’t message you if you swiped left.  Convénient, n’est-ce pas?

To swipe right is to give the app permission to allow strange men from the web to contact you.

Sounds so seedy and gross and wrong…. but that’s really what you’re doing if you get down to it.

Bottom line, if you both swiped right the app will let you message each other.

<insert Star Wars opening sequence music here>

Fucking.  Brilliant.


It almost feels like an old aerobics tape – ‘Swipe left, swipe left, to the right ladies, to the right!‘.  And then you wait…  and wait.  And hope that perhaps, maybe, one day, someone will have the grace to say hi.

Having been around this block a few times I’ll initiate the conversation if I’m interested enough.  At the first sign of mommy issues, unsolicited dick pics, or general malaise one feels around creepy men…. Unmatch.  They can’t even message to ask why you’ve dropped off the face of the earth.  Wonderful!

What you can expect to find on Tinder

Well… let’s see.

The one with all the kids

Single Dad & I had a good time, but our schedules conflict so we haven’t seen each other again.

The one who just wants to fuck

The Pilot & I talked on and off for weeks until we met for what I thought was a date and he thought was a booty call.  He promptly left and I haven’t heard from him since.  Good riddance, is what I say.

The One Who Still Lives With His ‘Ex-Wife’

After texting for a few days we met for lunch and it was going great…  Until 1/2 hour in he casually mentions he’s still living with his ex.

The Closet Exhibitionist

We joked about going skinny dipping but settled on a coffee date – which led to a nice long walk, great conversation….. and the beach.

“I’m going in” he says.  Yeah right!  His clothes dropped and he dove into the water.

I'm going in, he says. His clothes dropped and he dove into the water. Click To Tweet

My first thought was hmmmm nice ass.  Then…. Oh wtf, why not.  I took off my dress and swam out to him in naught but my underthings.  We splashed, we swam, we kissed…. and nothing else.  He’s not ready to really meet anyone right now, and frankly it was nice to be on a date with a man who wasn’t just trying to sack me.

Maybe I’ll see him again when things settle down on his end, then again maybe he’ll miss the boat.  I’m a good catch you know – someone could manage to sweep me off my feet before then.

The European Mutt

This is a special one.  He’s not exactly tall but what he lacks in height he makes up for in looks and ego.  He claims kissing is an art and he is the master.

Frankly the only art I noticed was when he tried to draw on my nose with his uvula.

The only art I noticed was when he tried to draw on my nose with his uvula #kissing #Tinder #midlifedating Click To Tweet

There are many more types I’m sure but I do have a life.

The verdict

Tinder conversations are more spontaneous, conversational.  POF has more of a staccato rhythm.

POF is great if you want to build a meaningful relationship with someone before meeting and finding out there is absolutely no chemistry.

Tinder is great if you’re really lazy.

Tinder lets you ‘pre-vet’ matches.  As it’s linked to your Facebook account you can be reasonably sure you’re getting a real name, real age, and you can see your common connections – if any.  The likelihood of them being who they say they are is pretty good. 

POF has a ‘you’ve got mail’ feel.  Tinder sometimes feels like market day at the farm.

Both will have the majority of guys showing a picture of them fishing, a shirtless shot, a terrible bathroom selfie, and maybe their professional head shot.  Some of the better ones have none of these.

So put yourself out there.  Take a chance.  But please do me a favor and don’t sit around waiting for a man to ask you out.

Don't sit around waiting for a man to ask you out. Go to the pub and have yourself a damn beer Click To Tweet

Kids are gone, house feels empty, and a cold beer sounds good?  Head on over to the pub and have yourself a damn beer.

Go out, have fun, be careful.

Be YOU.  Unapologetically.  What is it the kids say these days?  ‘Haters gonna hate’, ignore them.

Humour me and share your dating horrors and wins in the comments below – let’s laugh a little!