mom-with-lots-of-kidsIt never fails to amaze me the number of innocent looking strangers and not-so-strangers that insist on getting all up in my v-jay-jay business.

Questions like ‘Are you done having kids’ ‘Are you using protection’ and ‘Surely you don’t want a fourth’ are not only invasive but who the heck made you the v-jay-jay patrol?

Though its frankly none of your beeswax, dear stranger in the grocery line-up, the fact is I don’t really know.  I’d be open to having one more, but I would need to move first; our home is too small and someone might get hurt if we add more bodies to the mix.

Considering It’s been 2 years since we started looking for a new home to suit our needs and our budget, I’m not even sure I’ll still want to go through the whole process again when we finally find our forever home.  Then again… I can’t be sure I won’t.

‘Kids are expensive!’ Actually…. kids are free! Its the upkeep and maintenance that costs a fortune.

‘You know, they don’t stay small forever!’

Really?  Damn.  And I thought I’d have a cute cuddly baby to hold and squeeze forever.  Oh wait… those are called DOLLS.

‘It’s a lot of work’ and ‘I don’t think *I* could start over again’…. Good, if you don’t think you can do it again… don’t!

‘You won’t be able to laugh without peeing yourself!’ Honey, I’ve had 3 – ’nuff said.

The long and short of it is, we’ve decided to not decide until we move.

So, dear stranger, please kindly pull your ass out of my vagina!