There’s nothing better than sliding into freshly washed white cotton sheets at day’s end after a luxuriously long shower.

The nights are surprisingly cool so I crack open the window to let in the brisk draught.

I slide in feet first and stretch my arms like a cat napping in the sun.

Ahhh.  Now THIS is the life.

The wee one’s been sleeping through the night for several weeks now.  The house is clean, the lunches are made, I’ve had a shower and it’s not even 10h30!

This is going to be a blissful night.

Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.

2 am.

Sigh.  I’m wide awake.  The tick-tocking clock a metronome for my thoughts, my husband’s snoring harmonizing with the pendulum.

Our babies grow up so fast.  They say it gets easier but really, it’s just different.  A new day, a new challenge.  Yesterday I was swinging a colicky baby back and forth in valiant efforts to soothe her, and tomorrow my heart will skip a beat when she climbs her first stairs.

And tonight?  Well…  Tonight I’m awake, resisting the itch to gather my babies and schlepp them to my bed. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sleep.