My kids are still young – 7, 3, & 1.  Like many households SANTA is a sacred name in this household from Halloween to the new year.  I’m also the coolest MOM in the world because the Big Feller & I?  We’re friends!  Yup.  So close that he has me on speed dial.

In order to survive the holidays I capitalize on the lies I’ve been telling my kids.

Santa & I are on texting terms.  That’s right – I have his cell number.

Santa tweets – and I sometimes even DM him updates on the kids!

Santa is not made of money.  He gets his budget from each family, which is why some kids get really cool expensive stuff and some kids get normal gifts like we did growing up.  This also means some kids don’t get much because the parents don’t have the budget to give Santa, which is why we give to the Toy Mountain and other organizations.

Santa gets his wrapping paper from parents, since we know what our kids like best.  We send him the wrapping paper and the money, he gets the gifts and wraps them.

Santa has terrible penmanship.  probably because his notes to Jasmine are writing with my left hand.

And if the kids ever find my super secret Christmas hiding spot…. Well….

“Santa knew our plans were messed up this year so he dropped them off early and asked if I could bother wrapping them myself” ? Think it would fly?

Can we preserve our kids’ innocence until they leave for college?  I don’t think so, but meanwhile I feel equipped enough to deal with kids who will be learning the truth several years apart.

Meanwhile… May the lies magic of the North Pole continue to live in our home!