Reclaiming your space after kids

Your home looks like a cross between a college dorm and a nightmare-worthy daycare.

You’ve fully embraced the land of naked barbies and the marker on the wall adds character.  You’re secretly cursing the day stickers as we know them were invented as you peel yet another one off the floor.

You can afford nice furniture, but why bother?  The kids will just ruin it anyways.

Isn’t it time you reclaimed your space?  Your sanity? Sometimes a few modest changes can make a huge difference.

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The Living Room

Our house is quite small and the living room gets rather crowded.  I got rid of the sectional, bought J-F a ‘man chair’, and grabbed this beauty for myself.

With a 5′ diameter it’s perfect for snuggling the kids but also great for ‘me time’ – or ‘Coffee Time’ as I’ve taught the kids.  My spot.  My playground.  No matter what the room looks like I can come on my chair and pretend I’m in my own little world. I’ve added a plant stand and floor lamp from Ikea and a print from, premium provider of wedding invitations and stationary.

The Bedroom

That feeling when you wake up and realize you’ve got a barbie shoe stuck on your ass and someone ate crackers in your bed… again.  I desperately needed a sense of ‘adult’ in our bedroom so I bought new pillow cases & a comforter.  These ‘Fuck You, Love Me’ pillow cases by Said The King are flipping awesome!  I added a frilly lavender comforter – because, frilly – and 100% white bamboo cotton sheets.

The Bathroom

Since we’ve yet to find our forever home and I’ve grown quite tired of the extra long, extra ugly counter and cabinet in the bathroom, I took advantage of J-F’s hunting trip to tear the beast out and replace it with a modern sink on sale at Lowes.  A quick coat of paint, a little shelf with baskets, a new mirror (clearance bin!!!), and a black stool from Ikea.  Voila, new bathroom.

Where once you couldn’t move around much at all there’s now plenty of room for both of us to get ready at the same time, even when the kids are circling like vultures.  It’s not exactly a new house, but for $250 I no longer feel claustrophobic in the loo and it definitely looks more grown up than it ever did.


Little Change, Big Impact

You don’t always need a full tear-down or complete makeover to reclaim bits and pieces of your home.  Find pieces that make you feel good and incorporate them in your ‘design’.  A few little changes here and there can make a big difference and help you reclaim that grown-up feeling, even amidst G.I. Joe’s & Tonka trucks.

How do manage the toy madness?  What have you done to make your home feel grown-up again?