Protecting our tomorrows, Preventing Disease

As a child, meningococcal disease was almost a myth.  The children of my generation – too young to really be considered gen x, and too old to be a millennial –  got vaccinated and that was that.

Old kids’ books told tales of twins with mumps.  There were stories of uncles who, decades earlier, had suffered from Polio or Meningitis.  The miracle of modern medicine was something to be grateful of, lest we forget the pain and suffering of our elders.

Thought Provoking Changes

Then the 90’s came along and parents of ‘true’ millennials stopped vaccinating their kids.  First labelled as crazy and irresponsible, then fearless leaders in a movement that would cause much debate, these parents did what they thought best for their family.

We think we are safe, that we did the right thing, that the risks outweighed the benefits.  We remain under the impression we’re making educated choices and we can’t possibly be wrong, can we?

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Dangerous Repercussions

Except we’re now seeing a resurgence of previously almost-extinct diseases.  More and more we hear stories of meningitis outbreaks in places there shouldn’t * be * any outbreaks.  This is North-America, not a 3rd world country, after all.  But the evidence is there.

Regardless of your stance on vaccination you can’t deny this practice has dangerous repercussions.  Don’t believe me?  Skeptic?

Anne Geddes illustrates the profound impact of meningococcal disease

Maybe after seeing Anne Geddes’ ‘Protecting our tomorrows: Portraits of meningococcal disease’ project you’ll understand where I’m coming from.  This global project allowed her to capture the stories of 15 survivors and their families.

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to interview Anne along with Dr. Fielding, a pediatrician and infectious disease specialist at the CDC.  Important topics were raised, incredible stories told, and great resources shared.

Check out the interview, and share your thoughts in the comments!  * Opinions are welcome, but comments that could be construed as bullying or harassment will be removed.  It’s a big playground, let’s play nice shall we? *

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