baby slurping cereal from a little containerChloe is 6 month old and started slurping eating solid (read: smooshie) foods recently. Now, I’ve always made my own baby food purees: big batches, in the freezer, good to go for the month.  Easy, right?

Except the new guidelines say you should introduce meats sooner than before.  By the time I introduced meats to Jasmine & Annabelle they were able to tolerate a bit more texture in their foods, thus finely grinded chicken with a white sauce was terrific with mashed potatoes or yams.  Ever tried feeding  steak to a 6 month old?

Of course not!

My first attempt was my trusted chicken with white sauce.  She loved the sauce but not the texture.

Attempt # 2?  Boiled cubed beef and broth, pureed with the magic bullet.  It looks and smells like cat food; I don’t blame the kid, really. 

But she needs to eat!

So I bought these pouches.  Organic (makes me feel a little bit better) chicken, apples and yams.  It looks ok and smells fine so I start with the first spoonful.

And then Chloe discovered how to growl. Cause I wasn’t coming fast enough with the spoon.

I’m not that kind of mom but yesterday I was and I kinda feel bad. 

Today we cooked up some steaks on the ‘Q and I took a small portion along with a piece of grilled pineapple and grilled roma tomatoes.  I magic-bulleted away for a minute or so and I’ve got the puree-est of all purees, and it smells dang good if I do say so myself.  Kidlet LOVES it.

So maybe I’m not a terrible mom – but I guess those pouches are still good for tricky situations like the restaurant.  I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would approve of Steak Puree with a side of Mash on any restaurant menu.  Or maybe he would?!?

What do you feed your wee ones? Any puree recipes you’d like to share?