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You’ve picked a destination and decided it was time for a vacation.  What’s next?  Here are my Niagara Falls Survival Tips.

Choose your dates wisely

We went in May because kids were still in school and the crowds wouldn’t be as bad.  Also, we went on a weekday.  If you get overwhelmed in large crowds avoid long weekends.  If you’re on a budget travel during the week.  Be strategic, it will pay off.

Choose your venue wisely

We chose the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill.  It was comfortable, clean, and the staff was amazing.  Breakfast was included with our stay, there’s a nice big pool, and a Kelsey’s attached to it.

More importantly, it was within walking distance of almost everything we wanted to do.  The only time we took the van was to go to Marineland.  We walked on the hill, walked to the falls, hopped the WEGO from there – it was great.  Thank goodness too because we not only had 6 people to fit in the van but also a scooter and a double stroller.  Bonus, we didn’t spend our week looking for parking.

Road tripping?  Don’t overstuff the car!

Many cities have baby gear rental businesses and most hotels have basics like playpens and cribs.  Don’t spend 6 hours in the car wedged between a car seat and a double stroller, and don’t try to navigate narrow airplane aisles with the limo on wheels.  Rent what you can and arrange for pick up and delivery to your hotel.  We rented a double-stroller from Baby Travels and it cost us $50 for the week.  It was dropped off at the hotel and picked up there as well.  Worth every penny!

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Adult:Child Ratios

Bring as many adults (or capable teens) as you have small children, specially when there are gender and age differences.  Makes it easier to split up when each child wants or needs something different.  If you have 3 or more kids, consider paying the way for a grandparent, and older niece or nephew, or hire a local babysitter for the week.  They get a trip and you get an extra set of hands.


Plan ahead.  Find out what there is to do, choose what you want to do, figure out the budget, and stick (mostly) to that list.  Once you know what you want to do you can find the best deals and plan out an itinerary for the family.

Down time

Kids get tired, big people get cranky, and no one has fun when you’re rushing around.  We stayed 3 nights instead of 2 so we could sleep in if we wanted to.  It also allowed for extra flexibility as we were road-tripping AND the weatherman was forecasting doom and gloom for the whole week. Ends up the weather was perfect but I was glad we had that extra time to shuffle things around.

Kids will be kids

And kids will get hungry.  Plan ahead and pack some snacks for each day.  Having healthy food handy squashes the cravings and the whining that follows cause you’re stuck in a lineup for the ride and everyone decided they were hungry.

Have fun.  Laugh.  It will be over soon.  I promise 😉

Bring a bottle of wine.  There are openers and glasses at the hotel.  Have a glass after the kids are in bed.  You’re welcome.

What are you best travel survival tips?  Please share in the comments below!


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