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We’re taking it easy today!  Since everything we want to see is on the WEGO line, we’re going to walk down to the falls, do the boat thing and go from there.  I’m really excited to have Mom come today ’cause everything is supposed to be accessible.

In retrospect, her day of ‘freedom’ was her favorite day of the trip (probably cause she’s been stuck on the top floor of her house all winter).  Her house is now adapted but it was a rough winter for her.  Being able to go out freely, alone, without having to worry about the battery dying on the scooter or not having the strength to push herself in the chair.  She did her own thing and she was in a great mood when we came back! Sometimes, mums do know best…

I’m pumped, I’m excited, and the kids can feel it.  Of course when we get on the boat I figure it can’t be that bad so I put on the poncho but fail to put on the cap.  I got some great pictures but the closer we got the more the wind picked up.  The more the wind picked up the more we got wet.  The more wet we got the more Jasmine was determined that she did NOT like the boat.

They say the falls will take your breath away – that’s because the wind is so strong down there you can’t breathe!

We hopped on the WEGO and headed out towards the butterfly conservatory.  Of course we missed the stop and it took another 15 minutes to circle around.  I guess that’s a good think – we got to get out to see the flower clock.  These parks we’re driving through are absolutely gorgeous, and I wish I had a day, kid free, to go walk through all the parks.  Next time.

To see the kids with the butterflies was amazing!  A few landed on Annabelle, and finally – finally – one landed on Jasmine near the end.  We went around twice, mostly cause the baby was sleeping and it was easier than going back out in the heat.

Up next is Bird Kingdom.  You have to understand that since Jasmine heard about Bird Kingdom she’s been asking why we don’t have a bird like Grandma used to have.  Teehee.  This kid is in for quite a surprise!

The 2nd floor has 2 encounter rooms plus that really dark section with the bats and the owls.  The second floor isn’t air conditioned.  We’re in a really old building, with really old wood floors that hundreds (maybe thousands?) of birds have shit on in the past.  I don’t care how many times you wash those floors and clean out the habitats: in this humidity the stink is unbearable.  That’s why we don’t have a bird. 

I’m afraid for the 3rd floor and quite frankly I’m ready to turn around but when the elevator doors opened I was speechless.  THIS is what I came here for.  It’s gorgeous!  This huge fella (of the bird kind) & I had a conversation.  J-F says I’m weird and may have muttered something along the likes that I’m not the bird whisperer.

There’s birds everywhere!  Big ones, small ones, bright ones… It’s huge, it’s open, it’s cool, it doesn’t stink – and did I mention the birds are awesome? I’ve got a few great pictures of some of the more impressive ones.

It’s almost time to head back to the hotel and meet up with Mom for dinner and we have 2 options.  Walk down the road, up the hill, and back to almost the same spot we’re in now but 1 road up…. Or take a shortcut.  J-F’s idea of a shortcut.  Up about 100 stairs.  With a 15lb stroller holding a 40lb kid and a 15lb baby.  Shit.  Some shortcut.

By the time we make it up there we’ve decided we’ve bought enough fudge already; some shortcut that was.  So up the hill a bit more we go to get to the MGM Studio store ’cause Mamma wants an OSCARWhy?  Cause I want one, that’s why.  Except every time I’ve come by they either weren’t open yet or had just closed down.  The website says MGM fun everyday until 10 pm!!! But he didn’t open up before noon and by 3pm he was gone.  This is like the New Year’s Eve ball adventure I had in NYC.  We’re leaving tomorrow morning so its a dead dream.

I’d promised Jasmine I’d take her to the dinosaur mini-put but the baby needs to nurse and Annabelle needs a nap so J-F takes her.  He also takes her up on the skywheel – AT NIGHT – and to the midway and the XD theatre.

This kid just went on MY DATE I wanted to do the Skywheel at night I wanted to go to the XD Theatre with J-F I wanted to golf with the dinosaurs and flirt like we were 15 again.  Me.  NOT the Kid.  But the KID just snafued my date.

What else is a girl to do but ask her beau to take her to the casino?  His fault.  Got dolled up and off we go… I even got a nice glass of wine!  I.  Had.  A. Blast.  And so did he.  And we still flirted like we were 15.  And we didn’t lose any money – actually we came out a bit ahead.  I’m a lucky womanMy partner in crime is the love of my life and I’m so thankful we found each other again almost 5 years ago.

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