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The awesome thing about breakfast being included with the hotel is you actually have to get up on time to eat it.  Who knew?

There is not enough coffee in the world for me this morning but off we go to Marineland!  The kids are excited, the adults are stressed, it’s a great day! <insert fake-ass smile>

Today is the real test: We have to fit the scooter – which we don’t know yet how to pull apart – and the double stroller in the van.  Oh – and the humans too.  Ha! 

He said it couldn’t be done.  Well, ladies & gents…. It CAN be doneTa ta-ta Dah!!!!!

Now that we all smell like coconuts (thank you, coppertone!) we’re watching the show first.  We’re just in time so that’s a bonus.

I thought I remembered reading that there was a place to the side for people with wheelchairs but the young fella is directing us to the TOP of the stadium.  Via some steep, long – so long – ramp.  I am thanking my lucky stars we’ve got that scooter ’cause I do NOT want to push that wheelchair up there.

But wait!  There’s still that 15lb stroller.  With the 40lb kid and the 15lb baby.

Make sure you check out the slideshow – I am NOT a happy momma and it’s been caught on camera.  Not my proudest moment…

In my defense, I dropped my 1st coffee, had 2 sips of the 2nd and spilled most of it on my leg.  It’s hot.  I’m sweaty.  My thighs are already chaffing so I’m walking like I’ve got a stick in my bee-hind and damn-it I just want some coffee!

This kids want to go feed the whales so off we go in that direction.  Of course there will be rides and poor Annabelle is not happy when she can’t come along.  Jasmine & I make a pact to only do rides that Annabelle can come on.

And come on them she did!  What a little dare-devil!  I really am a lucky mom… I’m looking at my kids while we go around this little boat for the gazillionth time and they’re a pretty awesome bunch.

The whales!  We’re here!  Wow, what a team.  We were so well received and the kids has such a great experience.  Mom was even able to get close-up with her scooter so she could get up and feed the beluga too!  She’s having so much fun, and the kids are having a blast – I’m so glad I brought her.  We might kill each other before the week is done, but right now, in this moment… I see only happiness in all of them and my heart feels all warm and sappy.

Except for J-F – He’s off looking for shade with the baby and he’s not having much luck.

Check the pictures for my ‘sling magic’.  Even if your kids outgrow the sling bring it with you!  Chloe can’t get away from the sun so I’m using the sling as a cover – it’s great ’cause you can wrap it around the stroller as you would a person, and nothing flies off in the wind!

The rides, the food, the deer – it’s been a long day, the kids are cranky and it’s time to head out.  “Look Maman!  that sign says w h e e l c h a i r s…. o n l y… Wheelchairs Only?  What’s that Maman?”

Wow that kid is an awesome reader – they only taught them to read French in school.  Damn – that’s a wheelchair only sign for the DAMN SHOW! Oh well, can’t blame the kid it could have been his first day.  Shit my legs hurt though.

We might have gotten lost coming back from Marineland, and might have ended up at a family restaurant next to 3 strip clubs.  The kids were hungry, the adults were hungry, and no one wanted to wait 1/2 hour to drive back to the hotel.  And those super-duper-awesome-healthy snack packs?  No one wants to touch them.  Sigh.

By now I’ve got a permanent ‘deer in headlight’s’ look on my face, and I need some me-time.  J-F & I were supposed to have our date but he’s exhausted and Mom is hearing bells – the penny slot kind of bells.  Fallsview Casino… Here we come!

Mom came out even, I lost a few bucks, we may have bought some fudge… This was fun 🙂  I needed this.  We’ve got another big day tomorrow so I’ll finish this glass of wine and maybe have another bite of fudge.

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