Have you ever been to the Women’s Show?  I went to my first when I was pregnant for Jasmine, and have only missed 3 since then.  Twice for being snowed in, and once I was out of town on business.

For 8 years, twice a year, I trek it out there for the day with full intentions of taking my sweet time and enjoying myself.

Today, I had the pleasure of going with Jasmine, Amie (you read that right – Amie, Justin’s wife!), and her friend.  What a fun day we had!

Amie getting ready!

Amie getting ready!

 Amie & I both got free haircuts – They went a little shorter than we wanted on Amie, but she looked great!

We caught up with Andi from Mistura, Amie grabbed some bling for Jasmine, and we ate.  And ate.  And maybe drank a few glasses of wine – in support of ovarian cancer research, of course!

The gang at Chicken Farmers of Canada were a fun bunch as usual, and I walked away with some free pasta sauce #yum.  

The best part though – was when we passed in front a booth for a family law firm.  Ends up, its the firm Justin & Amie used when we were going through mediation and child support agreements what seems like a million years ago.

And here we are today.  Friends, in the true sense of the word.  We laugh together and cry together; we talk about everything and nothing.

Separation and divorce doesn’t have to be a nasty thing.  I can’t say we always agreed on everything, and we’ve definitely had our share of arguments over the years, but every step we took we took for Jasmine.  She has both her parents and step-parents at birthday parties and that’s important for me.  I can joke around with Justin, and Amie and I have built a great friendship.

Conventional?  Not in the least.  Weird?  Maybe for some. Normal?  It’s OUR normal – and I love it!  She’s nice, she’s fun, she’s a great mom, she’s funny…. and she’s my ex’s wife.  So what?  She’s also a terrific friend.

So when fall rolls around grab your daughters, grab your friends – whoever the are – and head out to the National Women’s Show.  Forget your worries, and just enjoy yourselves!