We may be in the middle of the tax season hubbub that is my life every spring, but there’s always time to give back.

This was my first National We Day.  The suite store was awesome, and not only because we were on the 100 level with a perfect view of the stage – that was just a bonus 😉

The energy from those kids was amazing – they all earned their way there so you don’t get the asshole kids that were dragged there by a teacher.  These kids – they remind me of myself in high school.

The Speakers

My favorites from the day?  The incredible Hannah Alper tops the list – such a game changer, and so young!   I tweeted her parents that she is so well-spoken for such a little thing.  To see her get up and speak in front of 16000 kids…. at 11 years old… Wow!

Spencer West & Ashley Murphy – One who walks on hands, another a child with HIV.  Their view of our world, of life, and their commitment to change the world is inspiring. I am in awe of them both.

I’m definitely going back next year, and hopefully one day I’ll find a way to get even more involved.  For now, I look at my We Day bracelet and smile at the memories and the energy that is still with me as I got to sleep.