Did you know Mastermind Toys is now in Ottawa?!?

I had never heard of them before, but I’m now thrilled that there are 2 new locations in Ottawa: Kanata & Ottawa-East.

I mean what store can you go into and pet a larger-than-life hand-painted plush elephant?  Or play with the coolest new toys? Or rush in for a last minute gift and walk out 15 minutes later with a perfectly appropriate gift-wrapped toy?

Amazing Brands, Top-Notch Quality

I had a blast looking at all the really cool stuff they had.  Some brands I new really well, others were more obscure.   But one thing prevailed: Coolness.

Speaking of coolness, I found this neat little thing called the ZOKU.  Actually, ZOKU is the brand and they make a few different things including a popsicle maker (which I also bought) and a slushy maker.

Oh Yes!  The good ‘ole Slushy.  Stick the empty container in the freezer for 24hrs, pour in your favorite drink (no aspartame – it won’t work), stir frequently for 5-9 minutes, and Voila!  Instant (ish) slushy for you to enjoy.

Great for the kids right?  How ’bout great for moms too?  I used mine to make a beer cocktail.  Equal parts lime & simple syrup (about 1 to 1.5 oz of each, to taste) and fill up with the beer of your choice.  Sweet.  Sour.  Yeasty.  Cold…. Yummy.  In slushy form?  All the better!

Who says these toys are just for kids anyways?