I Love You's and Tequila. And Vodka. And maybe Brandy

Alcohol.  It loosens the tongue, no?

“I shouldn’t say this but I want you” you say.  “Funny, I was thinking the same thing”, he replies.  You kiss, tentatively, and next thing you know you’re consumed with the taste, smell, and feel of his lips.  You make out on the hood of the car cause you don’t give a damn who sees you, cause you can’t be bothered to wait any longer.

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One thing leads to another and you wake up the next morning feeling wonderfully relaxed.  You stretch out like a cat as you roll over to check the time and the proof of your wanton sex-god escapades is staring right at you.

Oh shit.  Oops.  Faaaaccckkkkk.

We’ve all been there, at one time or another.  Remembering what we said – or did – the night prior makes us cringe at the horror of facing our friends again.

Some call it Beer Fear.  Lucy Spraggan, a brilliant twenty-something singer / songwriter from the UK, says it better than anyone else.

Check it out:

A friend shared another of her songs with me – Tea & Toast.  Also beautifully written – though consider yourself warned: you’ll likely shed some tears.

Are you in love with Lucy Spraggan yet?  Thought so ;).