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I met Tracy in NYC last summer as I was trying to get into a cool party – and was sadly denied entry 🙁  I did, however, end up meeting Tracy and subsequently discovering her first book.  I loved it so much I asked to be part of this blog tour for her Lost In Suburbia launch.

Q&A With Tracy Beckerman

Angele (A) I love that you’re so real about everything parenting. I thought I was the only one who over shared about pregnancy hemorrhoids, Prozak, and pajama-clad carpool expeditions! There were so many laugh-out-loud moments while I was reading your book – is there a particular passage you enjoyed writing more than others? Why?

Tracy (T)  Since my kids are teenagers now, it was kind of fun to relive those early childhood years through writing the book. Yes, that was an exhausting, often frustrating, and extremely unfashionable time in my life, but it was also really fun and there were some really hilarious moments.

I couldn’t even include them all in the book, but there were some really classic memories, such as the time I was out to lunch at a restaurant with my son who was about a year old. He couldn’t really speak words yet, but he was really good at animal sounds.

He looked across the restaurant and started mooing, really loudly and incessantly. I followed his line of sight and saw a picture of a cow on the wall. Unfortunately, seated right underneath the cow was an extremely large woman, who, quite understandably, assumed my son was mooing at her. She gave me the dirtiest look ever. If I wasn’t so embarrassed, I would have laughed out loud!

(A) When I met you, you were (in my eyes) the epitome of cool. A great haircut, a tattoo, an edgy outfit. Since I never thought of myself as particularly cool, I was surprised how alike we both are. ‘OMG that’s ME’s’ were uttered more than once and obviously you got your cool back so there must be hope for the rest of us.

Other than the carnal pleasures of over sharing and sticking it to the mean girls, what was your purpose behind this book?

(T) You thought I was cool? I must have been having a good hair day! 🙂

When my column was first syndicated, I would meet women who told me the same thing you did. They said they could really relate to my experiences and, in fact, often wondered if I was looking through their window.

I realized that so many moms go through what I did… the challenges of parenting… the loss of identity… the struggles with weight loss after pregnancy… and also trying to make friends in a new place.

It’s hard, though, to get to a deep place in 550 words or less, especially when I’m trying to be funny. So I thought it would be great to write a book about my transition from cool city chick to uncool suburban mom, to really explore what that meant to me, and be able to share that with other women.

(A) What’s with everyone hating New Jersey? I don’t get it, maybe ‘cause I’m Canadian. Possibly cause I’ve never been there. What gives?

(T) I don’t think TV did New Jersey any favors in terms of our image here. The stereotypes have been amplified for all the world to see and ridicule.

First there was The Sopranos which left everyone thinking the state was overrun with mobsters. Then we had The Jersey Shore, which was the total unglamorous extreme of Jersey shallowness, followed by The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which was the uber glamorous extreme of Jersey shallowness.

The good news is Honey Boo Boo is from another state.

(A) HAhahhahahahahahahha!

So are you the next Vicky Iovine in all things womanly? Any plans for more books? I know you just launched this one, but I enjoyed it so much I’m already wondering what’s next ! 🙂

(T) I actually met Vicki Iovine at a conference (A – So did I!  Isn’t she awesome?!?) and she was lovely. But I think she has the market cornered on the whole Girlfriend thing. Still I would love to write more books! It was a great experience and I certainly have a lot more territory to cover. I didn’t even touch on the dog in this book! He wants equal time.

If this book sells well, I’ll get another book deal, so tell your friends to buy a lot of copies!

My Favorite Quotes from her new book, in no particular order:

“It gets better, I swear”… “Once they’re all in school for a least a couple of hours a day, or as soon as you can sell them on EBay.  I got a lot of money for mine!”

To her daughter: “I think you look AWESOME!  What do you think of my skirt?”

Daughter to Tracy: “You have extra BUTT hanging out the back!”

“P” is for Parenting and Prozac