Laura Vitale Turns Up The Heat For Valentine's Day

I’m a sucker for holidays and Valentine’s day is no exception.  I don’t see it as an excuse to show people how you feel, but rather a day to celebrate those feelings and relationships.

In my early twenties, when budgets were tighter and I hadn’t really figured out how to manage money, I would cook an elaborate dinner for the one that held my heart.  I’ve always been a good cook, and you know the way to a man’s heart, right? Exactly.  It’s also the way to a man’s pants, if one is so inclined.  So cook I did, and I did it well.

I look back on those years, before YouTube and Google, and remember perusing my favorite cookbooks for the perfect recipes.  I’d spend half an hour chatting up the liquor store clerk discussing wine pairings for my menu, from appetizer to dessert.

There was almost always new underwear and for the love of all this holy I avoided gas-inducing foods for 3 days prior.  Priorities, you know?

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These days the love holiday is more about the kids.  Special crafts, activities, and hopefully some ‘us’ time once they’re are sleeping.  Dinner is some sort of red concoction – the kids would be scandalized if it weren’t.  That means tomato & cheese stuffed ravioli with marinara sauce.

But those ‘millenials’ – those kids that are now young adults, forging their way through life… I’m guessing the new twenty-somethings still can’t afford a nice dinner out, and that’s where Laura Vitale – host of hit YouTube show ‘Laura in the Kitchen‘ – comes in to help.

Check out this video for her ideas on creating the perfect date-night in for you & the man;  a date-night that won’t break the bank with fantastic foods that not only taste great but are quick and easy to prepare.

So put on those sexy underwear, open that bottle of wine, and enjoy your night.