‘Just one more, pwease, I pwomise!’

Really?  Really kids? Suuure, ‘one more’.  And three hours later we’ll still be fighting about this.  Nah-han.  No way.  Not happening.  #5MoreMinutes is a myth and you & I both know it.

There is a certain satisfaction in knowing you’re not letting your kids get away with nonsense – a feeling of pride that you’re raising future reasonable law-abiding citizens who understand that each decision has a consequence.   That surely your efforts will pay off when they’re all doctors making a shit-ton of money and will take care of you till you outlive them all.

Except I’m tired of being the bitch.  The party-pooper.  The buzz-kill.

I’m tired of being the parent my kids dislike the most because quote ‘No Fair’.

With Jasmine, who’s 9 yrs old, it’s hard.  Her current Netflix obsession is Full House.  I had hoped she’d like it as much as I did as a kid but it appears I’ve created a netflix-marathon-monster.  ‘Just one more’ is 23 more minutes.

23 more minutes of TV watching that I don’t necessarily agree with.  I have no issues with television per se.  But the attitude that bleeds from her pores after she peels herself away from electronics could freeze the warmest Care Bear hug.

The other two?  It’s a bit easier.  Netflix and DreamWorks Animation launched Dinotrux Favorites – three  #5MoreMinutes episodes that will let them think they’ve won the battle.  You can now confidently say ‘sure, one more!’ and watch as they march themselves up the stairs a mere 300 seconds later.

Bedtime achievement unlocked. 

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So let’s hear it.  What are your kids’ best excuses for staying up?  For watching more TV?  Comment below, I need a few laughs today :).