Jasmine & EllyElly….

Je vais vraiment te manqué.

Maintenant tu es dans mon cœur et je t’aime beaucoup.

Elly, Je sais que tu va me manquer – et je vais te manquer aussi.  Ceci est ma chance de te dire que je t’aime.

Dear Elly,

I know you miss me and I miss you too, but I can see you in my heart because you will be in my heart forever.

Elly, I miss you and today I’m going to tell you that when I think of you I know you’ll be in my heart.

Elly, you’re my little sister and I really love you.

Every time I’m going to come see you I will write you a letter and bring it to you.

Whenever I look at your stone I’ll know you’re there and see you.

Elly, I am very sad because now I can’t give you hugs.

Goodbye and I love you,

Jasmine xox

Jasmine and her 2 sisters

In loving memory of Ellyson Ryleigh Bruyea, August 17th 2011 ~ October 2nd 2012

Thoughts and prayers go out to Jasmine’s Daddy & Mimi; may they find peace in their hearts in these difficult moments.

Editor’s Note:  These words are 100% those of my beautiful, brave, and strong 6 year old daughter Jasmine; I was simply transcribing her words as she dictated her letter to me.  On October 13th 2012 Jasmine read this letter at Elly’s Memorial Service in front of 100+ people.  I am incredibly proud of her.  Words of kindness and love can be left for Elly’s parents on a dedicated Facebook Page “Heaven Has Another Angel”.