It’s a rare occasion when JF & I go shopping together but this weekend that’s what we did.  We packed up the baby and the 2 year old and headed out to the mall to get new glasses.

It took a while – I decided I wanted glasses too – but the kids were behaving nicely so I didn’t mind too much until an older couple struck up a conversation.

“How old is the baby” asked the feller while peering into the stroller.  “Almost 7 months!”

“And this beautiful girl – Hiiiiiii little giiiiirl – how old are youuuuuu?”  Good luck buddy.  My daughter is allergic to humans and a response from her you will not get.

“2 1/2! “

“Oh!” says the old bat, “I thought so!  Such a big girl.  You have a beautiful family, 2 gorgeous kids!”

“Thanks, I replied, and we have a 7 year old at home too” beaming like the proud momma that I am.

“3 kids?!?”

Thank you, strangers, for intruding on my sex life

My baby is almost 7 months old and I still have to snicker at people’s responses when they find out we have 3 kids.

Generally speaking if you’re over 18 and the father is not in jail people are excited when you have your first.  The second?  Awesome!  They’ll be playmates and you’ll have a cute pair.  Come the third though… well – read on to see what happens.  Every time.

“Yes, 3 girls!”

“Ohhhhh….. was it an accident?” Here goes. 

“No, they were all planned” <insert fake smile here>.

 “Ohhhhh….. You must have been trying for a boy then?” Really, you’re going there?  Le sigh.

“No Ma’am.  I’m just glad they’re all human!”  ’nuff said.