Chef RamsayPregnancy dreams.  Like ’em?  Love ’em?  Leave ’em?  I’ve heard of women getting incredibly sexy dreams.  Not me.  Nope.  I usually get nightmares.

Except last night.  Nope.  Last night was spent with Gordon Ramsay.  You’re probably thinking ‘ooohh – she finally got one of those sexy dreams’!  I wish (keep dreaming!).  At least it wasn’t a nightmare.

It was weird though.  Really weird.  I was working his personal assistant, and instead of bitching me out when I made mistakes, he smiled and flirted #weird.

He flew me out to England on his personal jet (he even flew!) and I ended up assisting him in a kitchen.  He chauffeured me around Paris and then had me measure his apartment for new counters and a new washroom.  Except by then…. he looked like my step-dad.  What?

Yup.  All in all, a very weird dream.  Nothing sexy, no nightmares…. just…. weird.

So, I spent the night with Gordon Ramsay.  Who were you with last night?