Tonight Walgreens killed my NYC dreams.

I found out when I arrived that I could have my picture taken with the NYE ball.  I was so excited for this picture op that it became my one and only ‘bucket list’ item for my trip:  I vowed I would not leave the city without getting that darn picture.

After BlogHer’12 ended I walked 20+ blocks to find the Walgreens.  I didn’t care that I had to pee.  I didn’t care that I was STARVING.  I didn’t care that I was beyond exhausted.  I was on a mission!

I Had A Dream…

I’m a New Year’s baby.  In my childhood we celebrated my birthday alongside Dick Clark’s show.  The ball would drop, everyone would wish me a happy birthday, then we celebrated the new year.

It was always my dream to travel to NYC for my 18th birthday;  well, my 18th birthday came and went and I pushed my dream up by 2 years.  Unfortunately 9/11 put a kibosh on that idea and I no longer felt like traveling to Time Square on a major holiday.  With 2 kids and a 3rd on the way I’m likely never going to make it to the Big Apple for my birthday.


After finally finding the coveted venue and trekking over to the 3rd floor I found the display.  You could choose up to 50 backgrounds to ‘throw yourself in’.  I asked the cashier if she could help me.  5 staff members later I’m advised that “the Representative di’int show up today” but that “he’ll be here ta-mo-rah”.  She had no clue why he “di-int’ show up, just that he wasn’t there;  she assured me once again he’d be at the ready by 10 am the next morning.

Photo Booth at Walgreens

No, the schedule is not posted anywhere.  No, there’s no one else who knows how to work the machine.  No, we can’t guarantee he’ll show up tomorrow, but he should be there.

The dream has breathed its last breath.  I will now swallow my tears – and a thick slab of meat – as I reminisce on what could have been.

nyc ball

Goodbye New York, I shall miss you.  Sadly though, I think it is you who took a bite out of me.