Holiday Shopping Hack - Simplify Your Life

Don’t you just LOOOOVE Christmas shopping?  The crowds.  The shoving.  The mom-bullies tackling unsuspecting by-standers to get the all-elusive-brand-new-hot-toy-of-the-year?

Or how about on those midnight madness sales, when there’s a new deal every hour?  And you have to PAY for it in that hour?  On top of tackling you now have to face long lines…. 4 times, because the 4 things you came to buy at 70% off are on at different times.

Fun?  No?

You’re stuck.

You can’t go back to your car to drop stuff off – there’s a lineup to the road of people waiting to be admitted in hell.  If you get out now…. you’re never getting back in. Not that you want to.

Except Barbie Dream House and the newest gaming console.


The local Broke ‘R Us had several of these midnight madness sales last year.  The fine print?

Hourly Specials In-Store & Online

What? Come again?  ONLINE?

I made a list, checked it twice, and settled in to watch Friends reruns with my friends Merlot & Popcorn. Each hour – on the hour – I logged in, filled my cart with sale-price goodies my kids would love, checked out, and went back to the boob tube.

I shopped 3 hourly specials.  I got 75 bonus Air Miles, and even managed to give myself a mani-pedi.  3 days later the UPS guy showed up – twice – to deliver the goods.  Off to the secret storage space they went and Santa had fulfilled my kids’ wish lists.

My Visa Debit card is getting much love even this early in the season and my browser & I are closer than ever!  My secret spot is filling up with goodies for everyone on my list and I’ve yet to purchase a Ho-Ho-Ho gift in store.

Midnight Madness Sales?