Ah, memories of my youth!  I had LOTS of Barbies.  I would dress them up all fancy in classic ’80’s wear reminiscent of aerobic videos and Flashdance.  I would get them ready for their date with Ken.  We didn’t have Ken dolls.  Barbies got all dressed up, shoved under the couch and retrieved an hour later.

A new generation

Jasmine is 7 now, and Barbies are a serious thing in this house.  SERIOUS.  Imagine my excitement when I heard that Barbie was going on a North American Tour with 2 stops in Canada!  I don’t care that Toronto is 4+ hours away – If there’s only 2 Barbie events in Canada my daughter is sure as heck going to at least one of them!


So what is the #barbieismoving tour?  It’s a Pinktastic, Glamtastic, Glittertastic FREE event for girls (and boys) of all ages.  Playing dress-up and walking the runway?  Grabbing that fab runway glam shot?  Check! A Barbie movie in a larger-than-life movie theater?  Check! Creating mood boards for Barbie’s new home and building a Mega Blocks Barbie room?  Check, Check, Check, Check, Check!


So Friday I’m packing up the car and driving to Wild Water Kingdom with Jasmine.  The best part?  She doesn’t know yet!  She has NO clue!  I’m planning on filming her reaction as we drive into the lot of the event (don’t worry, there’s another driver lol). Come back next week to view the video and photos from the event.

Want to join us?

Near Toronto?  Willing to take the drive?  Join us daily  11-6 on July 19th-21st for this dolltastic event at Wild Water Kingdom.  Check out tour details HERE.

Can’t join us?  Want Barbie fun?

If you can’t join us you can still participate!  You can go to the Barbie is Moving website and record a video with your daughter (or you?) as Barbie’s new BFF.  Check below for the videos we did of Annabelle & Jasmine.  You can also go to http://family.ca/barbie and sign up for some great giveaways.

See you in the Pink Mansion!