Got Beef? Don't Have A Cow

We all know cows are lazy.

But are they?

Imaging spending hours each day producing and expressing milk.  You eat like there’s no tomorrow and drink gallons of fluid so your body will be able to produce said milk.

You’re so exhausted you don’t bother grooming;  the flies are attracted to the sweet smell of milk so its not like cleaning yourself up will help.  As for the bull pacing on the other side of the fence?  He hasn’t had action in so long he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you look like.  

You have nothing left to give, they’ve taken it all.  Exhaustion fills you.  Your body, your mind… even your soul feels depleted.

Whoever said sleep is for the weak nailed it.

Along comes a serene moment of solitude, a short time to close your eyes and rest your soul.

Cows are expected to nap, but when it comes to mothers… It’s not normal.  There must be something wrong.  Normal people don’t sleep during the day.

You are not normal.  You a giver.  A provider. A caretaker.…. a Mom ♥