The Gift Guide You Wish You Had Last Year

I pride myself on finding unique and original gifts for my loved ones.  Whether it’s your birthday, the holidays, or some random celebration of your awesomeness you can count of receiving something that will be ‘just right’.  Something no one else thought of – the kind of gift where everyone says ‘ooohhhhh that’s awesome!  Who would have thought but OMG so perfect!”.

Though I may not share all my gift-giving secrets, I hope to give you ideas you hadn’t thought of yet.  You might find some popular products or brands, but you’ll also become acquainted to some of my favorite, no-so-obvious, giving options.

This isn’t the gift guide you’ve seen everywhere else as I’m sure you’ll find new things you didn’t even know existed.  Browse through the catalog, or select from the categories. 

Some insertions have been sponsored but I have personally vetted each item on this list.  Interested in being featured in our year-round, evergreen guide?  Send me an email at angele  @  shoeboxbegone  dot  com.  We’ll talk 😉

Enjoy, and happy giving!

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Original Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List