Food Pantry Holiday Makeover With James Young

James Young – host of DIY Network’s I Hate My Kitchen loves tearing up and rebuilding kitchens.  He’s working on a great project and took some time to answer a few questions for you.

Food pantries across the nation face higher demands every year.  With the holidays upon us they’ll be needing more than just meals to help families in need put food on their table.

Food Pantry Holiday Makeovers

From Dec 2 to 12th visit and cast one vote per day to help your local food pantry (US).  75 winning food pantries will each receive a $20,000 grant to purchase things like new kitchen and storage equipment, furniture, paint, and other supplies that are needed to continue providing fresh meals and exceptional service to local communities.

Check out this video and don’t forget to VOTE.  You never know who you’re helping.