Food Bloggers Part 2

Audit Proof Your Blog Part 2 of 3

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Last month in part 1 of Audit-Proff Your Food Blog, we discussed cupboards and logistics, transforming your kitchen into a filing cabinet for food bloggers. By now you’ve reorganized your kitchen and stocked your food blog pantry with the staples of any decent kitchen. Now it’s time to focus on planning your posts and related expenses so you always have what you need on-hand.

The Scarlet ‘A’

When it comes to tax audits we all get nervous. Will my tracking be sufficient? Will they allow all my expenses? As food bloggers, an extra question comes to mind. Will they try to tell me my expenses don’t count because my family ate the food? We’ve seen it happen to other bloggers and we want to make sure our expenses will count.

Part of the problem is that auditors and tax preparers are still fairly clueless about the business of blogging. Many – most – don’t understand social media and how it relates to tax laws. To complicate matters, most audits happen a few years later – making it harder to prove recipe expenses.

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